Clasped Hands

This symbol dates back to its use in grand Victorian-era cemeteries. The clasped hands indicate the relationship between the person who has passed away and the loved ones left behind. It symbolises loss, but also re-union as the two meet again in the next life. It is most commonly found on graves in the Methodist section however it is in no way exclusive to this particular denomination.

This symbol is an intriguing one as each carving of clasped hands is unique to the headstone it is carved on. This is because the hand that is on top, the one that is guiding the other, is often the person who passed away first. The leading hand is the one that is positioned slightly higher than the other as if leading the person onto the next life.

In the picture below, it is the male hand that is leading the female, which can be identified through the cuffs of their sleeves. This particular symbol was carved into the headstone of a husband and wife and it was the husband who passed away first.

handshake edit


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